We provide you with a free service. This includes providing an educational programme and support for your Nanny from a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Your child has the ability to develop and grow in a home environment that is safe and secure and chosen by you.
Your nanny will be visited by our Visiting Teacher at least once per month to guide and support her career as a nanny or educator. We run a fortnightly playgroup and monthly events for your nanny and your children to attend. Your Visiting Teacher is available to call at any time during the work week.
You will receive a family and educator manual and free use of Story Park an online learning journal from the Visiting Teacher at your first home visit. The manual contains important information and a daily diary for your nanny to fill in each day.
Story Park is a record of your child’s milestones and special moments as captured by your nanny in a learning story form. The Visiting Teacher’s monthly report will also go alongside the learning stories in this platform.

It generally takes 4-6 weeks to find a nanny, depending on the role and area of the job.
Yes you are expected to pay for public holidays, if it is a day that the nanny would normally work. If the nanny is working full time with your family she will be allocated 10 sick days per annum and 4 weeks paid annual leave.
Red Robin abides by the Ministry of Education requirements, following a 7 step safety check this ensures all nannies and educators are thoroughly vetted.
Every one of our nannies are personally interviewed, have 2 verbal reference checks, are police checked, first aid certified and have at least one year of experience working with children.